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Wood, Marin, San Francisco and Flowers

Garden Fun in San Francisco

Not only is it amazingly fun to grow your own food, but its even better eating them!

Point Reyes, California

Flowers from My Garden

All of these flowers are the buds from my garden, most of them are from vegetables. More to come!

Dear BART Employees,

Thank you for the opportunity to bike to the airport last week. Because of your strike, I had the pleasure of a 16 mile ride to SFO.

Normally I could take the 38 Muni bus down Geary for $2.00 and then head underground to catch a BART train towards SFO for an additional $8.25 and another 45 minutes of my time. By the time I arrive at my terminal after the AirTrain it is somewhere in the vicinity of 1 hour and 25 minutes, $10.25 later. 

But because of the strike, I was able to ride my bike, which only took me 1 hour and 9 minutes. The cost was free. According to Strava, I even burned 552 calories during the 16.2 mile trip.

So while BART employees grovel over their terrible working conditions, their below-par salaries, their $90/month healthcare plans and their pensions that they do not subsidize, I will find more time to ride my bicycle. 

Thank you BART,


Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

This place is pretty rad and only 15 minutes away from downtown Miami. 

Historically it helped house runaway slaves during the 19th century. 

Also, you can see in the near distance the Stiltsville village of raised houses. These were just far enough off shore from Florida that the rules of no boozing and no gambling were not enforced during prohibition. Next time I am around with a jet ski or a boat I will consider a trip out to the abandoned homes/hovels. 

Art Deco North Point Pump Station, San Francisco

My Dog House in Agrarian Pet at Williams-Sonoma

Another successful product launch for all of us over at Laughing Chickens.

Our Medium and Large Rustic Dog Houses have gone live over at Williams-Sonoma. They turned out great. 

Link here.

We had to create a means of water-tightness to keep the dogs happy, so we decided to go with the time-tested method of Board-and-Batten to keep moisture and the elements at bay.

Lazy Work Day

Here are some pictures from a portion of my work day. Check emails, make phone calls, water the garden, weed the garden, kill yellow jacket colony, bike 25 miles, build rustic boxes and chicken coops, eat something, and then sleep.

Vance Joy is officially one of my new favorite bands for 2013!

His infectious guitar and catchy lyrics make for a wonderful summer hit.