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Working on Stocktwits

Its pretty rad to be sitting at a table talking about a concept and then watching it grow.

This is the simple premise for how a company starts. No different for us over at Stocktwits.

We have come to the conclusion that its time to raise some money and get some people working on this full-time. Soren has been rocking out the site so far, but at some point a reality sets in that on a part-time basis without cash its hard to grow your idea into a money-making machine.

Right now we are going to begin raising some cash and getting the right team in place.

Start following Stocktwits on Twitter and hit up our site to give it a spin.

Working with @sorenmacbeth and @howardlindzon on the site.

Things are cooking…

A bunch of awesome cars, but most important is the Mustang Shelby from Gone In 60 Seconds - Eleanor.

I saw David and some other folks today at this car thing.

I went and say expensive cars today on Nob Hill. It was Hofftastic.

Daily Dish Friday: Eva Mendes Naked - Too Hot for Youtube

Eva Mendes is not naked, but topless according to the SF Gate’s excellent coverage of this startling news.

Apparently a Calvin Klein perfume commercial which shows a writhing, topless Mendes has been deemed a video which does not fit in the terms of service for Youtube. Therefore it has been banned.

Good thing I found it on Youtube reposted.

Have a good weekend!

Georgian Conflict

This is some crazy shit that is happening over in the Republic of Georgia.

Two years ago I spent a month in this country. It was an amazing experience that will not be forgotten (pictures).

It always struck me as one of the oddest places I have yet to visit. To the North is Mother Russia, fierce, angry and red. Nestled between these two countries is the disputed area of Chechnya (remember the bombing of the movie theater). To the South is Armenia and to the West lies dormant Turkey (recall the genocide of the Armenians by the Turks - which they still have not admitted to). If you go East you can see Azerbijian (Muslim and Turkic peoples).

This is a true melting pot. There are Christians in Armenia, Russia and Georgia. There are Muslims in Chechnya, Turkey and Azerbijian. This region has a checkered past and roaring torrents of hostility to this day.

This images that I saw today coming out from Georgia are horrifying. Some of the images were taken in the city of Gori. This was the birthplace of Stalin and a city I visited two years ago. Its crazy all this fighting.