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Bat For Lashes

Way back two weeks ago I attended the San Francisco Bicycle Film Festival.

One of my favorite films was the music video from Bat for Lashes, a Brighton-based group headed up by Natasha Khan.

After watching the video and listening to a few other songs I had to get the album. Totally satisfied.

Extraordinary video with awesome biking.

Check it out.

http://twitpic.com/6d7a - Baker Beach, SF

Life’s a Beach, then you die

I am heading to Baker Beach. Treat this like where’s waldo. Can you find Baker Beach? I’ll be there today.¬† Look for a tall skinny white dude in a speedo.

Heading to an art gallery opening. Pandora’s Trunk 544 Haight Street. 7 PM. Be there or be squared.

j’ai un headache.

Planning a Trip

Each year I go somewhere awesome for a month. Its my deal. I enjoy it.

Two years ago it was the Republic of Georgia. It rocked.

Last year I visited relatives in Denmark. Radical.

This year I have no idea where to go.

I have been searching Google Maps for unexplored areas. I am sure that people live in these places, just not anyone that I know personally.

The focus has taken me from Tripoli to Damascus to Tehran to at this point Tajikistan.

A good indicator that the trip will be awesome is if there are no direct flights from the US. If I see that it will require at least 2 connections and some bus time, than I am a happy camper (and traveller).

The direct route is too easy. And lets face it, France will be France, the Germans will be Germans and London is so Y2K. I scoff at the notion that vacations are a time to relax. I also do not adhere to the idea that you need to visit Europe, Hawaii, Mexico or Utah to have a memorable experience. Remember that trip when we went skiing and watched movies with the rich and famous in Sundance?

Didn’t think so.

No, never been. Not interested.

Maybe going to these tourist magnets is what bonds us as humans together. We like to talk about our “Grand Tour” and how we are so smart. I am sooo¬† damn cultured because I went to the Louvre. I am cultured because I barfed in Rome. I am cultured because I got stoned in Amsterdam. Is this really what differentiates us? Really?

Well, anthing but the cynic, I am totally against these cities. I have it out for you tourist hotspots. I won’t be in a beerhall in Bavaria too soon. I won’t be where ever the hell Matt is. Probably not going to be in Cabo San Lucas either.

The gift of freedom is independence.

Heading to Cut Copy (in October)

You heard it hear first. In two months Cut Copy will be in SF playing at the Mezzanine.

I’ve never been to the Mezzanine, but I have seen Cut Copy perform and DJ back in NYC. They are awesome. The best thing to come out of Australia since vegemite.

October 5th. Get your tickets now.

Can’t believe I am such a big time promoter, I should get paid for this. UGC.

http://twitpic.com/63jz - NewTeeVee Screening

http://twitpic.com/6404 - Some band at Popscene. Kind of good.

Chrome Bags Video Contest. This was my entry. Yes, thats my room. Still no bed. I’ve been really digging this urban camping thing. I think I am starting a movement surrounding the concept of living in an apartment but in a sleeping bag. Or at least thats what I think.

It toughens you up to face that mean “rea” world out there.


Chrome Bags Opening Party at 580 4th Street at Brannan.