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Its been an exciting week for myself and Laughing Chickens!

I found out on Saturday that the chicken coop I designed for the Marin County Fair won the Best of Show Award and First Prize!

We were even prominently featured in the Marin IJ’s Sunday edition with a picture on the second page and a nice description

"The handsome structure, made of reclaimed redwood fencing, features the Civic Center’s familiar scalloped arches and a Weber barbecue kettle lid, painted turquoise, represents the futuristic building’s famed blue dome.” 

Thanks to Paul at Marin IJ for the article.

The wonderful team I have over at Laughing Chickens made this all possible. To Cael for starting the company and driving everything forward - You ROCK!!!

Sam and Spencer - You guys are the dudes that really got sweaty and dirty to bust out the jigsaws, staple the run components and help cut everything to spec. 

There was stiff competition this year in the category (not sure how long its been around). I had no idea how well we would do - but its always a great feeling to know that other people recognize the beauty of your work. We work very hard at Laughing Chickens to build the very best products possible. The standard that we drive forward can be punishing. Working in the sun for hours at a time, multiple days of the week, getting ridiculous slivers and powering through the grime is NOT for everyone. 

So hats off to the entire team. Without the team there would be no combined win or company. Hats off to Cael, Sean, Sam, Spencer, Michael and Gabriel!

Posted on July 3rd, 2012
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    This makes me want to raise chickens.
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    Congratulations Kristian! That chicken coop is beautiful and probably will make most NYC apartment-dwellers jealous.
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